Make Reservations at These 7 East Bay Restaurants

The market for East Bay real estate is hot right now, as more and more people are discovering how wonderful life is in the East Bay. One reason many real estate seekers flock to the area is because of all the excellent restaurants you can choose from. Whether you’re looking to take the family out or spend time with your significant other, you’ll find no shortage of delicious options in the East Bay. Here are a few of the best restaurants the area has to offer.

1.    La Selva Taqueria

1049 23rd St, Richmond, CA 94804

You’ll find this colorful rainforest-inspired taco shop in Richmond’s 23rd street district. Their specialty is their pollo al carbon. They take a whole chicken, spatchcock it, and grill it over a bed of hot charcoal. The chicken comes out deliciously tender and smoky each time. Once it’s finished, they’ll cover it with a fresh homemade salsa that is hard to beat. If you’re looking to feed the whole family, you can purchase the whole chicken plate with rice, beans, and hot tortillas. Everyone will be able to make their own chicken tacos and eat until they are full. La Selva is open daily from 9 am until 10 pm. They don’t accept reservations, but you can check their current wait time online before you arrive.

2.    Mississippi Catfish

12440 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA 94805

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Mississippi Catfish serves some of the best fried seafood that you’ll find in the entire Bay Area. The nautically-themed space is a perfect spot to enjoy catfish, fried butterfly shrimp, and hush puppies. They aren’t available every day, but if you’re able to come on a day when they are serving their famous black-eyed peas, you’ll be blown away. Mississippi Catfish is closed Sunday through Wednesday, but they open at 11 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

3.    El Garage

1428 Macdonald Ave, Richmond, CA 94801

Ever heard of a quesabirria taco? They are becoming increasingly popular in the Bay Area. They feature birria-style beef stuffed inside a tortilla with melted cheese and served with a broth on the side for dipping. They are absolutely delicious, and few restaurants (if any) do them better than El Garage. This fantastic dining destination started off as a pop-up in a driveway and has grown into its popular Richmond storefront. Online ordering makes it easy to get your quesabirria tacos without having to wait in line for hours. Their birria meat is juicy and flavorful, and their consumme is so good that you might choose to sip whatever is left over after you’re finished dipping. El Garage is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but they are open from 12 pm until 7 pm Wednesday through Sunday.

4.    Gangnam Tofu Korean Cuisine

11740 San Pablo Ave Suite C, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Photo courtesy of Pexels
Gangnam Tofu Korean Cuisine features a fantastic menu with plenty of dishes that are worth stopping in for. Whether it’s the tofu stews or the seafood pancakes, nobody ever leaves disappointed. Perhaps their top offering is their Korean-style fried chicken. The Korean popcorn chicken contains a delicious soy garlicky flavor and seems to always offer the perfect amount of crispiness. Make sure you get extra banchan spread on the side to go with your meal. Gangnam Tofu Korean Cuisine is located in El Cerrito and is open daily for lunch and dinner.

5.    Tashi Delek Cuisine

11224 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Diners who have traveled their way through South Asia will find that the dishes at Tashi Delek Cuisine reflect the best of what several different countries have to offer. You’ll find options on the list inspired by Nepalese, Indian, Bhutanese, and Tibetan cuisine. Top choices include the Tibetan hand-pulled noodles and the sweet-and-spicy fried cauliflower. The Indo-Chinese delicacy is known as gobi Manchurian. Tashi Delek Cuisine is located in El Cerrito and is open daily for lunch and dinner every day except Monday. They close between 3 pm and 5 pm each day.

6.    Funky Elephant

1313 Ninth St Ste120, Berkeley, CA 94710

Funky Elephant definitely fits the description of “funky.” You’ll immediately notice the checkerboard floors and the retro floral print when you walk in the door. The menu is short and sweet, but each dish is guaranteed to impress. They take their ingredients seriously, flying in their mussels directly from Prince Edward Island and using Hodu tofu. They source their ice cream from nearby Straus Family Creamery, and it’s the perfect way to finish each meal. If you aren’t sure what to order, try their Khao Mun Gai. The poached chicken and garlic and ginger rice pair nicely together. Funky Elephant is closed Monday, but they are open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. You can check their wait times online before you arrive to better plan your visit.

7.    Lulu

1019 Camelia St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Most people haven’t tried Palestinian food before, but they are sure to wonder why it ever took them so long after they first experience Lulu. Mona Leena provides a fresh take on delicious Palestinian meals at her Berkeley restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All bread is made in-house and served alongside delicious hummus and labneh. The spread sampler makes a great choice to share with friends or your special someone. After you finish your hummus, try the knafeh pancake topped with pistachios and melty sweet cheese. The touch of blossom syrup adds the right amount of sweetness and richness to the dish. Lulu is closed on Mondays, but they are open from 9 am until 2:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday. Visit their website to reserve a table for your upcoming visit.

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