We had a loft in Oakland that was a rental and we decided it was time to sell. With a single phone call, Patty leapt (well, perhaps just 'went into') into action mode. Patty handled dealing with the management company, the tenants and while my wife and I were living outside of the bay area - Patty  got everything done - from that one phone call to SOLD in 30 days. Patty communicated her actions along the way - and each time I knew she was on top of everything needed. I have never had any transaction come close to the EASE of this one - fantastic go-getter. I highly recommend Patty as a real estate agent. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
- Raleigh Mann

As a seller I have been working with Patty for several years. She is as sharp as a tack, quick to respond and always gets the job done in a professional manner. Whether you are buying or selling I would highly recommend Patty for your real estate needs.

-Bill Silveira

Patty is an amazing agent to work with. She listens to your needs and opinions and offers her expert advice. She's also responds quickly and provides transparent communication. We were able to sell our place that a previous agent was unable to sell thanks to Patty-- and we got multiple  competitive offers and ended up being able to close in 10 days! Patty is highly knowledgeable of the East Bay real estate market extremely well -- in pricing, negotiations, and general real estate strategy. She's wicked sharp and brilliant. You definitely want her representing your interests and delivering the results you're looking to achieve. We're very happy with working with Patty.
-Melissa and Ali

Patty did a great job helping us find candidate houses, listened to our preferences, and even helped us realize about preferences we didn't know we had. She did an excellent job.
- Jonathan and Margaret

I will definitely recommend Patty Hyun to friends. Patty was very easy to work with. Answered all my questions quickly and explained when I was confused. I felt a connection with Patty the first day I met her. Very professional, and efficient.

If you are looking for the best, honest, hard working and your personal interest, then go with Patty Hyun. Our family had questions and Patty was always right there with a answer even after the sale! Once again thank you Patty and your wonderful staff, hope to do business with you again in the  future. Highly recommended!!
-Gerald Lewis & Family

Patty was instrumental in guiding us through the purchase of our first home. She was patient, caring and never once pushy. We were lucky to have her as our agent.
- Sara and Adam

Patty is one of the best agents I've ever worked with in the business, she was responsive and handled everything like a pro, she is an all-star agent!

We just bought a house with the help of Patty Hyun, and we would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Patty was energetic, knowledgeable and attentive; she listened carefully and never pressured us to do anything we weren't prepared to do. She seemed to always be available, as if we were  her only clients (though we definitely were not). We had rather specific wants for a house, and she did her best to help us find what we were looking for, even though it took months. She gently educated us about what it took to write a winning offer. It was reassuring to have Patty on our side while navigating the Craziness that is the Bay Area housing market. She continued to be extremely helpful throughout the escrow process and beyond, helping us find contractors and giving advice about renovations. We feel fortunate to have found her.
-Corliss and Hal

Patty is incredibly in-tune with the bay area market, consistently gave great advice, and helped us find a place we can love and afford. We came into the market not knowing much of anything, but Patty helped set our expectations for what we could afford, how to read listings and figure out the intentions of the lister, and overall saw us through an extremely tough market. She knows when to bargain and when to yell, and she worked very hard to get us in a new home. We couldn't have done it without her.

Patty was a rare and fine find for us- we found her on Zillow!

Patty is a top producer for a reason- she has an impressive energy and perseverance. She is very positive and it was a reassuring quality in this unusual market (we were full of doubts that we will be able to get  anything within our budget). Patty is friendly, shockingly genuine and she is a miracle worker. I was impressed with Patty's responsiveness- the emails or phone calls were returned right away. In a crunch time, when you have to come up with the offer and it is stressful to the point you can't think- she was there for us- with helpful suggestions and calmness. She was never pushy or impatient. She would honestly tell you if she did not think a property was worth pursuing. Also, after reading initially that she is a top producer I thought that maybe she will not be interested in working with the small fish, like ourselves- but she never made us feel like we were not worth her time. I have a feeling that she treats everybody with the same respect no matter what their budget. In a little under 2 months of intense search she helped us get a very nice place - there were 7 offers and we won by a hair! I can't wait for my friends to be in need of a real estate agent- to suggest Patty to them!

I would like to endorse every one of Patty's letters of recommendation...and add something more.

Patty stands out amongst realtors because she is intuitive, intelligent and effective. She quickly divines the individual needs of her clients and zeros in on their priorities and preferences. She presents the big picture with relevant comparison properties and finds the gem you were hoping for. She doesn't fudge or sell.

Patty is also fearless...yet fair. I trusted her to navigate the maze of real estate law and city restrictions and also to negotiate on my behalf...and I have no regrets. None.

I told her she should be running the country. Patty for President!

Hey, even other realtors recommend her...does it get any better?

Yes. She also makes a wonderful friend.

-Tina Wendon



To Whom It May Concern,

I just want to extend my gratitude to Patty Hyun for being such a great realtor. Being a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions and doubts. Patty was always there to assure me that everything was fine and to answer all of my questions. She never pushed me into doing anything that I didn’t want to do. I always felt that I was important to her and she always had time for me. She was there every step of the way. Patty is everything that you look for in a realtor. She is professional, knowledgeable, honest, kind, patient, helpful, and determined. I had the privilege of working with her for ten months. In that time, she helped me find the perfect first home for me and my husband. We are so grateful to have worked with Patty. I would definitely recommend Patty Hyun to anyone who is looking for a great, hard-working realtor. She is the best!
Kate Larson
Oakland, CA


To Whom It May Concern:


We just want to send our compliments to your realtor Patty Hyun for the great job she did in selling our Aunt Kay’s house located at 848 Richmond St., El Cerrito CA 94530.  Selling our aunt’s house after she died was not something we looked forward to doing but we knew it had to be done.  Just the thought of going through all of our aunts belonging and trying to figure out what to do with it all was whelming as well as emotional. 


When Patty met with us for the first time she was so friendly, professional and compassionate.  We immediately took a liking to her and knew she was the one we wanted to sell our aunt’s house.  She was able to look at the house and give us an ideal of what need to be done to get the house ready for the market. Patty then gave us a guideline to accomplish what needed to be done so that we could have the house ready to sell by the end of May, prime selling time.   She also provided us recommendations on who to hire for the minor repairs on the house, yard work, cleaning and staging of the house.  Once everything was done, the house looked fantastic.


With most of us working full time and leading busy lives, thankfully my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ken were able to be present for all the inspection appointments.  Patty also took the time to show up for all of the inspection appointments as well as the repair and yard work appointments.  She made sure everything was done exactly the way it should have been done.  Patty even made sure that the garbage cans were at the curb on garbage collection days.


We were very impressed when Patty was able to sell the house after one weekend of it being on the market and as the sale came to a close she even helped us get rid of unwanted items as well as garbage. We want to let Keller Williams know that Patty held our hand through the whole process of selling the house and we are happy that the family that bought the house really found it as special as our aunt thought it was.  She went above and beyond what any other realtor would have done for us.


The family of Constance Kay Chan wants to say thank you to Keller Williams and Patty Hyun for the excellent job and service that was provided and hope that someday we may meet again.




Deborah Spellenberg, Sharon Levien, Cynthia Eng, Keith Eng, and Tanya Nelson




Recommendation letters from Patty's clients:


We highly recommend you choose Patty Hyun as your realtor.  Before working with Patty, we searched for a home with various agents for a long and wearying 10 months and endured frustrating and disillusioning attempts at home purchases.  We met Patty Hyun and within a few weeks we had closed on a wonderful house that was within our means and inside our preferred area. To say that Patty is hardworking, intelligent, warm, enthusiastic, clear thinking, punctual, was considerate of our needs and wishes, is ahead of the game and has a refreshing sense of humor is the greatest understatement. Patty is, and has, all of these qualities and more. And most importantly, Patty gets you that house!


Amei & Bruce Papitto

El Cerrito  




Dear Prospective Client:


            Patty was an incredible asset with my home purchase.  As a first-time homebuyer, she introduced me to the ways of the housing market, which really helped me acclimate to the buying environment.  I came in with slightly unrealistic expectations regarding the type of home I could get for the money I wanted to spend, but she did not try to push my upper spending limit or belittle my hopes.  Rather, she timely provided all the information I requested (which was a lot), and helped me digest it and reach my own conclusions.


            Once we found the right house, Patty worked tremendously throughout the transaction.  Her honest assessments of the bidding situation led to us devising a strategy that both got me the house and set the tone for the rest of the transaction during escrow.  Patty's patience working with a lawyer who specializes in negotiation constantly impressed me, and our mutual understanding of each other's strengths really helped us to make a formidable team.


            In the end, the most important point is that I bought the perfect house at a great price, and the seller even gave us a significant amount of money back in escrow!  Patty is a savvy realtor who handled my complex transactions in an intense environment (nine-day escrow) with ease, and she should definitely be your realtor of choice.


Very truly yours,



Masa Shiohira


To All of Patty's potential future clients:


 First off, you're really lucky, you've already found someone who is trustworthy, client focused, and experienced.  Patty knows her stuff and if she doesn't….she won't pretend, she'll let you know and she'll work to get the answers you need.  She has intimate knowledge of east bay neighborhoods and has a vast network within her company as additional resources.  Best of all, when you finally find that house, Patty really shines in getting the deal done…IN YOUR FAVOR.  She helped us knock off close to $100K off our original offer.  She has a team of industry respected experts at her beckon call, so there's no surprises.  


But not all personalities and circumstances fit in this ever changing world of real estate.  Here's our actual experience with Patty and I'll leave it to you to decide if her attributes match what you need.


My wife Jenny and I started off not knowing what we really wanted, we had an idea of what we thought we could afford and “some” cities in mind, but the market was really changing (Winter of 2007/08) and we were unsure if the timing was right.  We needed to move to be closer to our work locations and we wanted to take advantage of favorable rates and a down market.  With so many uncertainties, we needed someone who would be patient and thoughtful to go on this journey as our guide. 


We started off narrowing our search to 3 cities, which in hindsight is like giving yourself 3 oceans to consider fishing in.  Patty helped us determine right away what our long-term goals would be (keeping in mind resell and school district).  This helped us to focus on a single city and really just key neighborhoods.  Here is where Patty proved her salt and really worked behind the scenes so our time actually looking would be most productive.  Once we pin-pointed key neighborhoods, Patty started doing all the foot work and research herself not trusting the dozens of paper listings, but visiting each potential listing personally. 


We initially saw foreclosure, fixers, and those needing TLC in hopes of finding a bargain.  Patty was great at allowing us the time to gain ourselves the experience we needed…some things you have to see with your own eyes.  Ultimately, we knew fixers weren't for us.  Patty has done some remodels in her own home and being able to get rough numbers and ideas off her was a real resource.  She also had a licensed contractor on-call as an added resource.


With each house we saw both Jen and I were getting more knowledgeable about the market, but more importantly, we were learning about ourselves and what each of us really valued.  Kinda like that discover phase when a couple plans a wedding together.  And Patty was there sensitive and receptive to everything we were pointing out…I could tell she was listening to everything we said in hopes of knowing us better and ultimately being able to see what we see.


The search took 3 months. 

We reached a point where we were a team and we could walk-thru a house and know what each other was thinking…it was cool and efficient.  Once we found the right house, it clicked right away for all of us.  Patty took us to the next level and we were ready: informed, aggressive, and successful.


The keys to our success were really due to Patty's experience:


She made sure we were financially prepared to move quickly, again she has good people in different industries that supports her.  We ultimately went with our own bank but with confidence that the rate was competitive.


Like I wrote earlier, we were a team.  Great communication.  Patty seems to maintain a small list of active clients to assure personal service.  When it came time to perform the transaction she held our hand through the whole process and we knew we had a pit-bull of a negotiator on our side.


Also noted earlier, this was a journey.  Patty knew how indecisive we started out and instead of forcing her opinions on us, she gave us the space and opportunity to discover and learn on our own…to have our own opinions.  Through it all she picks up on how we change and guided us accordingly.


Jenny and I would whole heartedly recommend Patty to help anyone find a home.  2months into it and we love our home more with each passing day.  We also love how others say what a great deal we got.  Would not have been possible for not the journey that Patty guided us on.




Dan Kim & Dr. Jenny Chong


Patty Hyun
Broker- Associate

DRE#: 01416058

patty@pattyhyun.com1625 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709